The fitness industry is evolving, and at a fast pace – with social media apps to thank for some of its recent success and exposure. With the availability of social media platforms, fitness tips and advice has become relatively easy to come by. It also appears to have played a key role in the success of many fitness businesses and personal trainers using social media as an additional marketing, and support platform.

The fitness industry has grown by more than 75% between 2000 and 2011, with more recent years showing the same incline. The industry is estimated to be worth over £22.8 billion by 2020. With such success and interest, now has never been a better time to join the industry. Are you passionate? Do you love fitness? Are you stuck in job with no progression? 57% of personal trainers saying they never feel like they are stuck in a career rut, so why don’t you transform your passion for fitness into a successful and lucrative career?

The majority of fitness occupations held in the UK are filled with individuals between 25 and 54 years old, and there are slightly more men than women working in the sector. A large part of the sector is occupied by personal trainers. In 2016, there was over 13,770 registered personal trainers in the UK and the male female divide is apparent with this role too, with just 33% of registered personal trainers being women. Personal trainers appear to be happy in their role too – 51% of personal trainers say they don’t get stressed in their line of work, with only 21% of office workers saying the same. What’s more, 42% of personal trainers feel secure in their fitness position, which could have something to do with the fact 80% of trainers work on a freelance basis so are responsible for their own success.

If you are on the road to success with a lucrative business behind you, you could be on track to earn big bucks. High-end personal trainers can charge up to £1,000 for six weeks of training with a client. The average personal trainer however, can expect to earn around £19,468 per year, with an average hourly rate of £25-£35. Of course, it is all about location. If you are based in London, hourly rates can rise to up to £100.

The power of Instagram

According the MaxiMuscle ambassador and successful personal trainer, Dan Lambert, “The growth of Instagram has driven the growth of my business in ways I would never have imagined. Starting out as a struggling part-time trainer – I used social media to tell my clients stories, show off their results and advertise my services (for free!), which ultimately led to the rapid expansion of my part-time ‘hobby’ into a lucrative business!”

It is important to know how to capitalise on your hashtags – knowing what to hashtag is key to a successful Instagram account, especially if you are using it to promote your services or business. The right hashtag could be the secret behind attracting future clients, and targeting your most influential audience.

  • #fitness has over 241,848,723 Instagram posts associated with it.
  • #fitnessmotivation has over 33,355,394 posts associated with it.
  • #fitnessgoals has over 4,005,269 posts associated with it.
  • #fitnessjourney has over 12,288,579 posts associated with it.
  • #personaltrainer has over 13,379,226 posts associated with it.
  • #exercise has over 33,056,639 posts associated with it.
  • #workout has over 100,647,634 posts associated with it.
  • #nutrition has over 28,085,634 posts associated with it.

Clearly a hot topic trending on Instagram. Fitness is everywhere on Instagram, it is up to you how much space you claim. When looking for help or inspiration, users can search for these hashtags to find relevant posts that are likely to help – you want people to find your posts and come to you. Hashtags therefore help posts gain more coverage and exposure. Use the platform to let people know who you are – offer advice on diets, why healthy eating is key, workouts and workout supplements, such as protein shakes and drinks, give motivational posts and highlight your client success with before and after photos. It is the best place to start your fitness journey – as well as the gym, of course.

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